Not everyone has the desire or opportunity to pursue a college education, but a college education will provide you with better opportunities in the future.

Lack of money should not prevent you from pursuing a higher education. Options include:

  • Scholarships and Grants
  • Student and Parent Loans
  • On-campus or Off-Campus Employment
  • Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Government provides aid to more than 10 million students each year with grants, low interest loans and work-study programs. The Department's Federal student aid programs are the largest source of student aid in America. These programs provide more than $80 billion a year in grants, loans, and work-study assistance.

Scholarships may be also available from the Federal and State government, local companies or your parent's workplace.

Undergraduate SPH Students:

The School of Public Health does not offer any scholarships for new freshmen or transfer students.  However, as a freshman applying to University of Maryland, you will automatically be considered for several university scholarships.  Transfer students may apply for the Transfer Academic Excellence Scholarship if they qualify. 

For additional information on scholarships and financial aid, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid.