Graduate: About the Program

Congratulations to our excellent faculty and graduate students!

Our Doctoral Program has achieved a #3 ranking by the National Academy of Kinesiology!
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General Introduction

The University of Maryland is located in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, approximately 8 miles from the many libraries, museums, research institutions and cultural activities associated with the nation's Capital. The College Park campus currently enrolls approximately 37,000 students, of whom over 10,000 are graduate students. There are more than 70 students pursuing graduate work in the Department of Kinesiology. Most students are enrolled full-time in graduate study. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Degrees and Specializations

The Department of Kinesiology offers research training in areas consistent with faculty expertise. Graduate work leading to the Master of Arts (MA) degree and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees is offered in the following areas:

  • Cognitive Motor Neuroscience
    Motor control, motor development, biomechanics, computational motor neuroscience, sport psychology, exercise psychophysiology
  • Exercise Physiology
    Genetic, molecular, cellular and applied research in muscular, metabolic, and cardiovascular aspects of exercise physiology
  • Physical Cultural Studies
    Interdisciplinary analysis of physical culture, cultural kinesiology, sociology of sport and physical activity, history of sport and physical activity, sport marketing and media

Supporting courses are also offered in research methods, experimental design, statistics, and computer data acquisition and processing. Graduate students may pursue specialized interests through appropriate independent research or projects.

Students interested in physical education should consider the K-12 Physical Education Master's Certificate (MCERT) offered through the College of Education. The Physical Education Master's Certification Program is a 13 month intensive graduate level teacher preparation program.

Graduate School Policies

Both prospective and current students are encouraged to visit the Graduate School website at This online resource includes the Graduate Catalog with information on UMD graduate school policies and procedures. It also provides a link to the listing of important deadlines for graduate students.

Questions about the Kinesiology graduate program can be directed via email to our Graduate Coordinator.

Graduate Director: Dr. Stephen Roth

Graduate Coordinator: Polly Sebastian