This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu pandemic, one of the deadliest pandemics in human history. The University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health held a symposium, Going Viral: Impact and Implications of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, in Chapel Hill, NC, on April 4-6 to look back at the 1918 pandemic with a view to preventing another.

UNC brought together a group of interdisciplinary scholars from fields including literature, history, virology, epidemiology, medicine, communication and more. Sandra Quinn, PhD (Professor and Chair, Family Science, Director of Maternal and Child Health PhD Program, Senior Associate Director of Maryland Center for Health Equity) was invited to speak during the session on Issues for Minority Populations: From Early 20th Century to Present Day, and discussed why minority populations have less trust in vaccination – and what can be done about it.

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ASSPH Friday Letter
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Friday, May 4, 2018 - 10:30