You can find information on Health Literacy, Clear Communication, Plain Language, and Cultural Competence on the following websites.

Health Literacy Basics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Health Literacy Here on the CDC's website, you can find a comprehensive scope of general information and training resources on Health Literacy. 

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  AHRQ's Health Literacy resources help health care professionals and delivery organizations make information easier to understand and systems easier to navigate.

Roundtable on Health Literacy The mission of the Roundtable is to inform, inspire, and activate a wide variety of stakeholders to support the development, implementation, and sharing of evidence-based health literacy practices and policies.


Plain Language Basics

Plain language is communication that helps people:

  • find what they need,
  • understand what they find; and
  • use what they find to meet their needs.

Learn more about the Federal Plain Language Guidelines.


Cultural Competence Basics

Office of Minority Health - National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health and Health Care The NCLAS website provides information on quality care and services that are responsive to diverse cultural health beliefs, health literacy, and other communication needs.