Graduate Course in Health Literacy (Special Problems in Health Education; Health Literacy; Credits: 3) - offered in the Fall

The purpose of this course is to introduce graduate students to health literacy research, practice, and skills. The course will develop students understanding of how health literacy is both a barrier and an asset for health and how health literacy affects a wide range of outcomes. Students will learn the basics of health literacy concepts, models, and research methods, and discuss similarities and differences in health literacy research in clinical and public health settings. Students will study key health topics, populations, and contexts for health literacy research and practice. The course will describe professional skills necessary for effective public health communication practice and provide opportunities to practice the skills. The implications of research for public health practice, policy, and consumer/patient interventions and behavior will be integrated so that public health practitioners and researchers are prepared to address health literacy in their future work.

You can review the syllabus for the course taught Fall 2017.

Independent Studies

An independent study is an opportunity for students to explore and research a topic of personal interest related to health literacy. Please contact the Center for more information.