Health Literacy Maryland

What is Health Literacy Maryland (HLM)?

HLM  is a new statewide coalition that brings together people and organizations to work on improving health outcomes by focusing on health literacy. Many people have low health literacy, which means they have trouble understanding health information they get from health care providers, the news and media, and government. HLM, a free membership coalition, works with health care organizations, government agencies, and community based organizations to improve access to good health information, create ways to better understand health information, and offer opportunities to use health information to improve health outcomes.

Please click here for the Health Literacy Maryland: Strategic Thinking for Strategic Planning. This document was created as a result of a June Kick-Off Meeting in June of 2011. It details goals, next steps and future accomplishments.

How can I join?

Interested in joining us? Fill out this online form to become an official HLM member! HLM membership is free and informative! As a member, you are automatically added to our listserv. Other benefits of membership include:

  • Participating in coalition events
  • Networking with professionals and organizations in health literacy and public health
  • Staying abreast of relevant research
  • Receiving updates on timely regulatory and policy issues
  • Receiving assistance with promoting your health literacy message