The following publications are listed chronologically by topic. These were written by Center staff, Center scholars and affiliate faculty:

Communication and Journalism

Communication, Technology, Social Media and Online Content

Communication and Children

Mobile Communication

Cultural Competency and Health Disparities

Health and Higher Education Professionals

Health Literacy, the Basics

Health Literacy and Community Engagement

Health Literacy, Disparities and Cultural Competency

Health Reform

Media and Journalism

Minority Health

Oral Health

Oral Health and Disparities

Physical Activity and Cognitive Studies



Communication and Journalism

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Communication, Technology, Social Media and Online Content

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Communication and Children

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Mobile Communication  

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Health literacy, the Basics

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Health Literacy and Community Engagement 

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Health Literacy, Disparities and Cultural Competency

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Health Reform

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Media and Journalism

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Minority Health 

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Oral Health

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Oral Health and Disparities

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Physical Activity  and Cognitive Studies 

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