Independent Studies

An independent study is a wonderful opportunity for students to get exposure to the community health/public health field outside of the classroom. Here at the Center we have several positions available. An independent study student would assist with projects and health education, as well as aid and collaborate with other members within the center.

Related Courses

HLTH289 – Topical Investigations; Credits: 1 – 3

HLTH386 – Experiential Learning; Credits: 3 – 6

Prerequisite: Permission of SPHL-Behavioral & Community Health department. Restriction: Junior standing or higher

HLTH389 – Topical Investigations; Credits: 1 – 3

HLTH489 – Field Laboratory Projects and Workshop; Credits: 1 – 6

Not a Community Health major? If you’re still interested in becoming an independent study at the Center please contact for more information.

Graduates: We also accept graduate students! Please speak with your graduate advisor and fill out the Graduate Student Independent Study Contract [PDF] and submit it accordingly.