Faculty Leadership: 
Community Partners: 
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Project Goals

  • Develop educational strategies tailored to the needs of target communities to increase public awareness of liver cancer prevention.
  • Increase hepatitis B virus screening through increased cancer awareness, outreach, and accessibility to screening for Asian Americans. A randomized control study has been conducted with a total of 877 Asian American participants recruited from community/faith -based organizations in Maryland from each ethnicity group.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of educational intervention on hepatitis B and liver cancer awareness.

Service: examples include hepatitis B screening, lay health worker training, and health education

Research: examples include community survey, hepatitis B screening, blood banking, anthropometric measure (such as height, weight, waist & hip circumference, and blood pressure), and health education

Student training opportunities: Students assisted with design of lay health worker training program, design of intervention, data collection, and evaluation of intervention centered on the issues of hepatitis B and liver cancer prevention. Students also gained experience by participating in community advisory board meeting, community health fairs and education workshops.

Funding: Two Subcontracts from Johns Hopkins SPH, originally from the National Cancer Institute.

This project is no longer active, but Sumnin Lee leads other projects focused on Asian American health education, which also have student training opportunities.