Faculty Leadership: 
Community Partners: 
Prince George's County Health Department

Project Goals:

  • Increase the health literacy of Capitol Heights community members and their ability to navigate the health care system and services that will be provided through the HEZ project and other initiatives in progress in Prince George’s County.
  • Address the significant health disparities facing Capitol Heights.
  • Increase adherence to prevention measures.
  • Lower the risk of chronic disease in the community.

Service: Provide health information, workshops and collaborations for community based and provider based health literacy.

Research: Focus groups, randomized household survey, and community-based participatory research approaches to explore best ways to improve community health literacy.

Student training opportunities: The grant's data collection phase has ended and currently there are no opportunities for students.

Funding: The Center for Health Literacy was awarded over $400,000 to develop, pilot, and evaluate the community health literacy campaign over four years as part of the HEZ grant provided to the Prince George’s County Health Department.