Community Partners: 
Youth Opportunities program in Baltimore (youth development, GED, job referral, mental health intervention), Maryland; Latino Area Youth Center / Maryland Multicultural Youth Center / AmeriCorps program in Riverdale, Maryland

Project Goals

  • To explore how can intergenerational relationships shape and support pathways to successful adult outcomes for disadvantaged young men?
  • To explore if and how the effects of paternal involvement are different for low-income young adult men.   I will examine parental involvement through the processes of residential presence, emotional closeness, monitoring of son’s development, and regular communication.

Service: Facilitation of workshops on networking, nutrition, intimate relationships and communication, stress and conflict resolution, mental health (depression, trauma, exposure to violence); participation in steering committee (YO Center in Baltimore)

Research: Young disadvantaged men’s transition to adulthood in school, work, and relationships with parents; doctoral projects on trauma, depression, and exposure to violence for young African American men, and depression and fathering for young African American fathers.

Student training opportunities: Masters and doctoral students serve as lead facilitators of workshops; doctoral students conduct field work (participant observation, life history interviews); graduate and undergraduate students transcribe, code, and analyze interview data

Funding: W.T. Grant Foundation, Scholars Program and Supplemental Mentoring Award, 2006-2012