Faculty Leadership: 
Community Partners: 
Thomas Jefferson University, University of Maryland School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Hepatitis B Initiative-DC (HBI-DC), and other community-based organizations (CBOs) in the Baltimore-Washington


Project Goals

  • To implement culturally integrated liver cancer prevention programs for Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Americans through outreach, screening, education, research, and training in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. In order to fulfill this goal, we will work towards achieving the following specific aims:
    • To develop a training protocol and certification program for lay health workers (LHWs) to conduct sustainable, community-based liver cancer prevention programs
    • To assess the true prevalence of hepatitis B virus infection by providing HBV screening tests for Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Americans
    • To implement a tailored intervention based on HBV screening results
      • Provide LHW-led intervention programs to promote adherence to HBV vaccinations for those who are unprotected
      • Provide patient-navigation services for antiviral therapy and adherence to follow-up treatment to those who are infected with HBV
    • To investigate the molecular epidemiology of hepatitis B among infected Asian Americans
      • Assess the molecular markers (e.g., HBV genotyping), HBsAg quantitation, and polymerase mutations
      • Assess environment factors (e.g., exposure to Aflatoxin in foodstuffs)
      • Build databases for future cohort or case-control studies

This project is no longer active, but Sumnin Lee leads other projects focused on Asian American health education, which also have student training opportunities.