Faculty Leadership: 
Community Partners: 
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, MaVRI Advisory Council Member Organizations

Project Goals

  • To strengthen behavioral health services and peer support for Maryland's veterans and their families.  

Service: Training sessions  are held to enhance behavioral health and primary care providers’ capacity to provide accessible, high quality, culturally-competent care for veterans and family members. To date, more than 540 professionals have received training, including college counseling center professionals. Future training will address women veterans’ health, prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD, and behavioral health treatment skills for primary care providers of  patients who are veterans.  

Research: A statewide, online needs assessment was completed by more than 3,000 Maryland behavioral health and primary care providers in Fall 2012. The survey identified providers’ prior military connections, client/patient screening for military status, knowledge and confidence to treat issues that affect veterans and their families, and providers’ specific training interests.

Student Training opportunities: Peer Support Facilitators, who are student veterans from the University of Maryland College Park, work on other Maryland campuses to establish new student veteran organizations, develop branding identities for these groups, organize mentoring and social activities for student veterans, and advocate for veterans centers. The project also offers qualified undergraduates independent study opportunities.

Funding: The project is funded by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene through Spring 2014.