Espen Spangenburg, PhD(Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology) earned his PhD in exercise physiology from Virginia Tech and completed NIH Postdoctoral Training with Dr. Frank Booth at Missouri. He joined the Department of Kinesiology in 2006 and is an Associate Professor. He has published ~60 manuscripts. His research addresses the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle metabolic function. His research emphasizes the cellular signaling mechanisms that various hormones and growth factors use to alter expression of genes affecting metabolism. Trainees will be exposed to techniques that involve the measurement of gene expression in cell culture and/or animal models, cDNA manipulation, and numerous biochemical and/or physiological measures in skeletal muscle. He has mentored a number of masters students and just graduated his first PhD student with another graduating within the next 6 months. He has mentored three UM STARs in his laboratory.

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