November 2017

The five-county Mid-Shore region of Maryland, comprised of Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s and Talbot counties, faces unique health challenges similar to many rural communities, such as higher rates of poverty and people living with chronic diseases. To help better meet health care needs in the Mid-Shore region and provide recommendations that could be applied to other Maryland rural areas, the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) and the Department of Health established a workgroup on rural health care delivery to oversee a study, hold public hearings and recommend policy options. At MHCC’s request, the University of Maryland School of Public Health and the Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis at NORC at the University of Chicago partnered to conduct the study and to work in collaboration with the workgroup. "Health Matters: Navigating an Enhanced Rural Health Model for Maryland, Lessons Learned from the Mid-Shore Counties" is the executive summary and report detailing the findings of the group's studies. The executive summary presents high level themes, considerations and recommendations for addressing the health needs of residents and improving the health care delivery system in Maryland’s five-county Mid-Shore region, and potentially could be applied to other rural Maryland communities.

Read the November 3, 2017 news release: 
Rural health report will inform strategies to improve health in five Md. counties

Health Matters report cover

Download the Executive Summary of Health Matters: Navigating an Enhanced Rural Health Model for Maryland (8 pages)

Download Health Matters: Navigating an Enhanced Rural Health Model for Maryland report (52 pages)

The technical reports document the researchers’ methods and complete findings. We also include copies of the study instruments, where appropriate. 

Technical Report 1: Residents' Views
Research by Lori Simon-Rusinowitz, Connie Raab, Aita Amaize

Technical Report 2: Community Leaders' Perspectives
Research by Luisa Franzini, Dushanka Kleinman

Technical Report 3: Rural Health Landscape
Research by Alana Knudson, Rebecca Oran

Technical Report 4: Visit Patterns by Mid-Shore Residents
Research by Luisa Franzini, Jie Chen, Robin Bloodworth, Deanna Barath

Technical Report 5: Health Care Workforce
Research by Min Qi Wang

Technical Report 6: Mid-Shore Region Characteristics
Research by Deanna Barath, Aita Amaize