J. Carson Smith, PhD(Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology & NACS program) received his PhD in 2000 in exercise science from the University of Georgia. He then completed postdoctoral training at the University of Florida in psychophysiology and affective neuroscience. He joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and joined UM in 2011. Dr. Smith has >25 published papers. His primary focus is on the interaction of neuro- and metabo-protective effects of physical activity in humans. His lab studies the efficacy of physical activity in improving metabolic health and brain function and structure in humans as measured by MRI. He has demonstrated the utility of MRI methods to measure the effects of exercise on cerebral blood flow using arterial spin labeling, and brain activation using functional MRI. Dr. Smith has mentored a number of graduate students and is mentoring his first UM STAR this summer.

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