(Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Co-Director, UM STAR program) Professor Hagberg's research in 2000-2010 primarily assessed the genetics of the response of CVD risk factors to exercise training in older sedentary men and women. He maintains a database of CV fitness, plasma lipoprotein-lipids, body composition, bone density, glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, and inflammatory, coagulation, and fibrinolysis measures from before and after a standardized six-month exercise intervention in ~200 older men and women. This database contains ~40 genotypes and plasma and DNA samples are banked for these individuals. Trainees could analyze new relationships among the available genotype and phenotype data, or they could measure new phenotypes in the plasma samples or genotype new polymorphisms in the DNA samples. More recently, Dr. Hagberg has studied the effects of exercise on circulating angiogenic cells, novel circulating adult stem cells that have regenerative capacities within the CV system. Dr. Hagberg has a long history of mentoring undergraduate and graduate students and he and his lab mentored seven trainees in the first five years of the UM STAR program.

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