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CV / Resume
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Dina L.G. Borzekowski is an internationally recognized expert in the area of children, media, and health.  In July 2013, Dr. Borzekowski joined the faculty at the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland - as a full Research Professor in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health.  Prior to this appointment, Dr. Borzekowski had been at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health since 2001.  Dr. Borzekowski’s domestic and international research involves studying how youth come to use media and how media has an impact on the health and well-being of children and adolescents. Some of her most fun and meaningful work has been with children's media producers (Sesame Workshop, Ubongo Kids), developing and evaluating international health communication interventions for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


[COMING SOON - Videos from China]

Stop Marlboro - Argentina Video 1. Produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2015. 
Stop Marlboro - Argentina Video 2. Produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2015. 
Stop Marlboro - Argentina Video 3. Produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November  2015.

Stop Marlboro - Philippines Video 1. Produced in Manila, Philippines.  May 2015.
Stop Marlboro - Philippines Video 2. Produced in Manila, Philippines.  May 2015.
Stop Marlboro - Philippines Video 3. Produced in Manila, Philippines.  May 2015.
Stop Marlboro - Philippines Video 4. Produced in Manila, Philippines.  May 2015.

Marketing tobacco to children is wrong.  Keep products and ads out of sight. Produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2013.
Packages are scary, because tobacco is scary. Keep tobacco away from children. Produced in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2013.

Everyone in the world must smoke. Tobacco marketing and children in Russia.  Produced in Moscow, Russia. October 2013. 
Tobacco marketing and children in Russia, video 1.  Produced in Moscow, Russia. October 2013. 

Education and Training

1996 -1999   Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NIH, NHLBI, AHA
                   Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention
                   Stanford University, School of Medicine

1994       Ed. D., Human Development and Psychology
              Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

1990       Ed. M., Interactive Technology in Education
              Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

1989       M.S., Communications, Computing, and Technology in Education
              Columbia University, Teachers College

1988       B.S., Biology
              Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


HLTH300, Biostatistics for Public Health Practice.

HLTH234, Global Health Messages: Understanding Exposure and Impact

Honors and Awards

Honoree, University of Maryland’s Celebration of Scholarship and Research, May 2016 and May 2015.

Nominee, University of Maryland’s Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year, May 2015.

Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Video Competition. First Place, Global Advocacy Category. Boston, MA, 2015.

2012 Society for Adolescent Medicine/Iris F. Litt Visiting Professorship in Adolescent Health Research, awarded March 2011.  Teaching Assignment: University of Otago, New Zealand, June 2012.

Johns Hopkins Advising, Mentoring, & Teaching Recognition Award, May 2005.


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