All MPH students must master all competencies prior to graduating. Competency assessment will take place while students are taking courses, completing the internship and and as they work on their project/thesis. See the BCH MPH competency list (entering Fall 2018 and later)/ BCH MPH competency list (entered prior to Fall 2018) to better understand the program competencies.  Below is an overview of the competencies students will master during the MPH program in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health:

  • Choose major social, behavioral and public health theories to use with the design and evaluation of interventions.
  • Build emergent themes and sub-themes within qualitative data which require re-reading of text and an aggregation and interpretation.
  • Identify and use mobile/computer apps to gather information or collect data for use in the evaluation of research.
  • Manage traditional and new media to communicate health information (e.g., statistics, reports) effectively.
  • Build valid data collection tools to measure behavioral factors that influence community health.
  • Apply evidence-based approaches in the development and evaluation of social and behavioral science interventions.