Project (EPIB 786)/Thesis (EPIB 799) Requirement

All Master of Public Health students are required to complete either a project (EPIB 786, 3 credits) or a thesis (EPIB 799, 6 credits). When designing the project/thesis students should review the MPH competencies for their program. Students must address each competency between the internship and project/thesis.

Click here to view the PROJECT/THESIS handbook.

You should begin to discuss your project ideas with your advisor in the beginning of the semester before you will conduct your project/thesis (ie., the last semester of your MPH program) so that you have time to get everything in order for your work in the last semester. Student’s must present their thesis or project proposals by the end of the semester before they will complete the work (ie. Propose in the fall semester and defend the final thesis/project in the spring semester).