This website has been prepared to assist users in computing either a sample size or power value for a microarray experimental study. The user is referred to the cited references for technical background on the methodology underpinning these calculations. This site provides support for five types of sample size and power calculations as listed below. These five types can be adapted in various ways to encompass many of the standard designs encountered in practice. Click on the design to open the computational routine. Click on 'example' to see explanations and examples of each type, drawn from Lee (2004). 

Sample Size Calculations for

Power Calculations for

Cited References

  1. Lee, M.-L. T. (2004). Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data, Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-7087-2.
  2. Lee, M.-L. T., Whitmore, G. A. (2002). Power and sample size for DNA microarray studies, Statistics in Medicine, 21:3543-3570


This project was support by NIH grant HG02510 (Lee, M-L.T.). The computer routines supporting this website have been developed and are maintained by Dr. Weiliang Qiu, Assistant Professor, Channing Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston.