The Family Science major prepares students for a wide range of careers addressing family issues and provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in family studies, family therapy, law, psychology, sociology, social work, health, human resource management, and related fields.

Find a listing of careers and job titles of recent graduates on our Undergraduate Careers page.

The Family Science curriculum is designed to help students develop a range of skills that can be applied in both jobs and graduate/professional school. Many of these skills are listed below.

Skills addressed in Family Science Program


Writing clearly
Speaking effectively before small and large groups 
Making Power Point presentations
Creating professional memoranda
Presenting/defending/debating a position
Briefing a legal case
Communicating with clients from different cultural and 
socioeconomic backgrounds

Analysis and Research:

Evaluating theory and literature
Designing research projects
Sampling and recruiting research participants
Selecting appropriate study instruments
Using non-intrusive research methods
Collecting data
Using statistical software to analyze data
Evaluating and presenting research findings

Project Development:

Developing project designs 
Preparing a project proposal
Identifying goals and/or tasks to be accomplished
Developing realistic timelines 
Recruiting program participants
Maintaining records
Creating budgets and other spreadsheets
Evaluating a program

Interpersonal Relations:

Leading group discussions and meetings 
Observing and coding human interactions
Recognizing different value systems
Working effectively in a multicultural setting
Understanding group dynamics
Working effectively as a team member

Career Search

The University of Maryland Career Center offers tips for Job Search Preparation and Finding a Job.

Graduate School Application

The University of Maryland Career Center offers tips on Applying for Graduate School.

Graduate School or Job Recommendation

To request a letter of recommendation for graduate school or a job from a Family Science faculty member, please complete the Department's Request for Recommendation Letter form.

Complete this form, attach a resume, and submit these materials to the appropriate faculty member. Plan to give your faculty member at least 2 weeks to write your recommendation letter.