The Department of Family Science also offers an opportunity to take didactic coursework required to meet the State of Maryland's licensure criteria during the University's summer and winter term sessions. The courses may be taken in any sequence at the convenience of the participant.

Please contact the Department at (301) 405-3672 for the summer course schedule of clinical clases and to let us know which courses you would like to take during the summer months.

Courses required for licensure by the State of Maryland include:

FMSC 640 Family Therapy: Theory and Techniques
FMSC 641 Couples Therapy: Theory and Techniques
FMSC 642 Normal and Abnormal Individual and Family Development
FMSC 645 Sexuality: Issues in Family Therapy and Service Delivery
FMSC 745 Gender and Ethnicity in Family Therapy and Service Delivery
Other professional development courses that may be of interest are:
FMSC 460 Violence in Families
FMSC 490 Addiction and Recovery in the Context of the Family
FMSC 498M Family Mediation

For information about continuing education, contact Dr. Carol Werlinich at (301) 405-4017.