September 30, 2014

Robyn Zeiger, an adjunct faculty member of the Family Science Department, is using her Family Science experience and counseling background to pen a column for Tagg Magazine, a publication whose target audience is the lesbian community of Washington, DC.  Dr. Zeiger, who specializes in providing therapy services to the LGBT community, co-authors the column with her wife Stacey Williams-Zeiger, a real estate agent. Zeiger and Williams-Zeiger merge their professional areas of expertise by focusing on relationship conflicts that often surround home buying.

In their July article, Zeiger and Williams-Zeiger suggest strategies that will reduce stress and strengthen the relationship when buying a home. They cite the importance of being honest about needs and expectations and talking openly about money. Dr. Zeiger and Ms. Williams-Zeiger will continue covering relationship and home-buying issues in their column with Tagg magazine.

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