Our Department's excellent facilities create an ideal environment for the work of our students and faculty. Our classrooms are equipped with wireless internet and high tech equipment, our Center for Healthy Families has 12 comfortable therapy rooms, and all of our graduate assistants have office space in the same building as our faculty. All department facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Main Office

The main office is located in 1142 School of Public Health Building. It is open year-round (except university holidays), Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Students are encouraged to come to the main office for information about the Family Science undergraduate or graduate programs, department courses, and ways to get involved in departmental research and student activities.

Faculty Offices

All faculty offices are located in the 1142 School of Public Health office suite, facilitating faculty interaction and collaboration. Please come to the main office in 1142 School of Public Health if you are looking for a faculty member.

Graduate Student Offices

Our Department has two graduate student offices, where every graduate assistant and doctoral student receives space to work on assistantship and class assignments. Graduate students who do not have assistantships may also obtain a desk in one of the larger graduate assistant offices. All offices are equipped with computers (with email and internet access) and telephones.

Center for Healthy Families

The excellent facilities of our Center for Healthy Families provide a superior environment for the clinical work done by graduate students in our Master's in Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) program and our clinical faculty. Here, students can easily interact with faculty and peers in the large work space reserved for them, and local families have access to superior clinical facilities and services. The office has 10 computers for CFT students, a large meeting space for clinical meetings, a comfortable waiting area for clients, and a playroom for young children. The Center for Healthy Families has 12 therapy rooms, including a larger rooms for group therapy. Each therapy room has a video camera and an adjoining faculty observation room for clinical supervision. The Department has state-of-the-art videotaping, editing, and playback units for student and faculty use.