Caregiving image - holding older person's handThe Department of Health Services Administration focuses on eliminating disparities in access to health care, improving its delivery and management, creating effective health services policy, financing public health services delivery, and providing services where they are needed most. 

At a time of extraordinary need driven by rising health care costs, the aging of the population and growing health disparities, the Department of Health Services Administration seeks to prepare students for research and careers in areas of health services delivery and administration related to these critical issues. Because the state of Maryland is a national leader in health care reform and has a racially and ethnically diverse population, students have the opportunity to work on initiatives to bring affordable health care to Maryland’s most vulnerable populations. Students also benefit from contact with Washington DC-based health care associations, non-profit organizations and federal programs.

Our faculty members represent disciplines including health services, health management, economics, sociology, public health, public policy, organizational development and psychology. Recent research studies have focused on documenting the impact of recession on the health care spending of different socio-economic groups, increasing support services for caregivers of veterans and military families, and examining the link between postpartum depression and health care costs.

In addition, the department leads the university’s interdisciplinary Center on Aging, dedicated to healthy and productive aging and the creation of age-friendly communities.