The Department of Health Services Administration provides up to $500 per trip to support students presenting at professional conferences. Funding decisions are based on the quality of work being presented and the likelihood that the conference will enhance the student’s professional development. Preference is given to students who have not previously presented at a conference. Awards are limited to 1 per student per year. Awards will not be granted to travel to the Population Association of America because the Maryland Population Research Center provides generous travel awards specifically to that conference. In the event that the MPRC grants are not available, talk with your advisor about funding for PAA.

Allowable Expenses

The award can be used to cover any University allowable conference related travel expense including registration, air fare, lodging, ground transportation, and poster printing. However, students are expected to minimize their travel costs wherever possible, including staying with a roommate, registering as a student member, and choosing a low-cost airline ticket.


  • Enrolled as a degree seeking student in an HLSA graduate program at the time of travel
  • Have been accepted to present at a conference
  • Have applied for other funding from outside of the University of Maryland. Your outside funding application does not have to be awarded, but you must have demonstrated effort at obtaining funding. Attached to the application is a list of potential funding opportunities and nearly every conference offers some form of student travel scholarship. Exceptions to this requirement may be granted for trips with total budgets under $500.
  • Every student must also apply for the UMD Graduate School Goldhaber Travel grant, but this award will not count towards the outside funding requirement.

Submission Deadline

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit as soon as you are accepted to the conference to allow for sufficient review time. No more than half of the available funds will be awarded in the fall semester. The remainder will be awarded in the Spring and Summer.

Application Instructions

Please sign, obtain your advisors signature, and complete the attached form.

Include a copy of your abstract. Complete applications should be emailed to Michel Boudreaux (