Advising is not mandatory for Kinesiology majors. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor regularly to discuss course requirements, benchmarks, academic plan, internships, schedules and career planning.

Kinesiology students have the responsibility of knowing and following University and departmental rules and deadlines.

Students may contact a KNES advisor by email or they may go online to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor in person.

KNES advisors will communicate with students through the Kinesiology listserve.

Join the listserve by sending an email to from the email address you want us to use. In the text of your message, type the following:

Subscribe KNES-UG your name


Approximately in the middle of each semester registration for the following semester begins. Students can to find they registration date and time by going to their student account.

Students must plan to register at their assigned date and time to ensure that they will be able to register for the courses they need each semester. Special groups register first, then seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman.

Special Groups Advising

The groups of students listed below must schedule an advising appointment at the SPHstudent services.

  • Newly admitted First-Year and Transfer students - Please contact Erin Thiel for information on orientation dates and procedures.
  • Students on academic probation - must schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor in the SPH student services.
  • Student athletes - must schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor in the SPH student services.
  • Students seeking reinstatement after dismissal or withdrawal - must schedule anappointment to meet with an advisor in student services.

KNES SENIOR Audit Appointment

Prior to the beginning of the senior year, a student must schedule an appointment to meet with a KNES advisor to review and sign the Senior Audit document. The audit is a document that lists of requirements pending to complete the Kinesiology degree. This mandatory appointment ensures that students will complete all degree requirements.

Some Key Academic Regulations

Grade requirements:

A grade of "C" or better must be earned in all courses required for graduation. No required courses may be taken Pass/Fail. University CORE courses not required in the program are the only courses where students may complete the requirement with a "D". An overall cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is necessary for continued enrollment in the Kinesiology program.

Repeated courses policy:

  1. A student with a grade of "F" in CORE course or "D" in a required course must repeat the course in order to receive credit.
  2. Each course may not be repeated more than twice, for any grade, including withdrawals ("W"). A student may register for a course no more than two times.
  3. Students may repeat no more than 18 credits.

Grade of "I" - Incomplete:

This is an instructor option given only when very unusual circumstances prevent a student from completing a small portion of the class and the majority of the work completed is passing. To receive a grade of "I", the student and instructor must sign an "Incomplete Contract" that is filed in the Departmental Office. The student must complete the work specified in the next semester that the course is offered; otherwise, the "I" becomes terminal ("F"). It is the student's responsibility to arrange for the completion of the work.

Maximum credits per semester:

A student registering for more than 16 credits per semester prior to the first day of classes must have special approval from the Departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies. After the first day of classes, students may register for 19 credits without permission.

Schedule changes:

Add, drop, change grading method This must be done within the Schedule Adjustment Period, which is first 10 days of classes. See the Schedule of Classes or Testudo for the exact dates each semester. Athletes and those with special circumstances may need special permission to make schedule changes.


  • All candidates for undergraduate degrees from University of Maryland, College Park must take a minimum of 30 credits at the University of Maryland, College Park. These must include a minimum of fifteen credits in courses numbered 300 or above, including at least twelve credits in the major field.
  • Normally these 30 credits will be the final 30 credits counted toward the degree. However, credits from University-approved study abroad and internship programs, and a maximum of six credits that are not part of such programs, may be included in the final 30 if approved in advance by the dean of the academic unit from which the student expects to receive the degree.

Exceptions to Policy:

Requests for exception to policy are approved by the Dean's Office. Students will need to submit the 'Dean's Exception to Policy Request Form' via online. The form can be obtained from the Quick Links on the College website ( Directory ID and password are required to submit the form. Click here to access the form.

Common types of Dean's exceptions of policy:

  • Repeat over 18 credits
  • Repeat a course more than once.
  • Approval for Credit Overload: Register for 17-20 credits
  • Permission to enroll at another University = Take a course away from UMD

Current Students at UMD: Changing Your Major to Kinesiology

Go online to learn more about the KNES Change of Major Workshop.

All students must attend a KNES change of major workshop to change major to Kinesiology.

Please contact a KNES advisor by email if you have any questions about the KNES change of major process.

Important: Students who already failed the Kinesiology major benchmarks will not be allowed to change into the major. For information on KNES benchmarks please download KinesiologyHandbook.