Locomotion Lab

Equipment available in the lab:

  • 12-camera Vicon optical motion capture T-series system (Vicon Vantange camera)

  • Runway with 10 Kistler force plates

  • Independent 6-camera Vicon motion capture system 

  • 16 channel Delsys Trigno wireless electromyography system

  • CosMed K4b2 portable pulmonary gas exchange system


Muscle Function Lab

  • Biodex Dynamometer


Fine Motor Lab

  •  3D prismatic grip test apparatus (5 ATI Nano-17 6-D force/torque sensors)


  • Bimannual multi-finger test appatus 


  • Wrist function test appratus (3 PY-6 sensors)


Music Lab

  • Piano-playing test apparatus 

  • Guitar-playing test apparatus with embedded 6-D force sensors

Virtual Reality Lab

Equipment available in the lab:

  • Cave automatic virtual environment (Fakespace Systems, Inc)
  • Three 8’ x 10’ wall projection display system that combines high-resolution projection and 2-D computer graphics to create a virtual environment.
  • 3-PC workstation cluster, 3 Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier projectors (JVC M15), 3 perfect-reflection mirrors, and 3 translucent visual screens.