Below is a curated list of workshops relevant to PHSC students. They are being offered by a variety of groups including The University Career Center, The Reed-Yorke Health Professions Advising Office, The SPH Center for Academic Success and Achievement, and the PHSC program specifically. Click through for more information on each topic.

Topic Date Time Location
Nursing Workshop April 11th 3:00 PM ESJ 1309
Acing the Interview for Professional School April 11th 4:00 PM HBK3100
GRE Workshop April 16th 5:00 PM SPH 2236
PA Workshop April 18th 2:00 PM CHM 0122
Offer Negotiation Workshop* April 23rd 4:00 PM HBK 3100
PT/OT Workshop April 26th 4:00 PM JMZ 3205
Giving & Receiving Workshop* May 3rd 3:30 PM HBK 3100

*These events are part of the Professional Preparation Workshop Series which is targeted to upperclassmen on professional preparation topics that go beyond the basics and are most relevant for students closer to graduation. All these workshops will be employer-led, which also provides an oppurtunity for networking.