Image of a family.
Friday, November 2, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Charles Carroll Room, Stamp Student Union, UMD College Park

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The goal of child and family policy is to promote the optimal development of children and families. However, these policies can be in conflict with the research in developmental science. Developmental scientists have a unique opportunity to address this disconnect, as they can provide evidence about the development of children that could undergird policy investments in the health and well-being of the next generation.

Scientists face several challenges in this effort.  First, they must represent objective, empirical work as unbiased, even when the evidence may be perceived as partisan. Additionally, scientists often struggle to disseminate research in a way that is accessible to policymakers and a broader audience. Finally, the questions relevant to policymakers may not always easily align with the work of basic developmental scientists.

Attend this workshop for a discussion of these challenges and tools with which to address them. Students and community members will receive unique training that is becoming increasingly relevant in today ’s research and media landscape. This workshop is geared toward a multidisciplinary audience, as effective engagement in policy is relevant to all child and family scientists.

Family Science Clinical professor Dr. Adele Robinson will lead a worskop session. Dr. Robinson holds a joint appointment at the UMD School of Public Policy as the Karabelle Pizzigati Professor in Advocacy for Children, Youth, and Families.

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