Dr. Ashley Munger
November 5, 2018

Department of Family Science Alumna Dr. Ashley Munger assisted in securing California State University- Los Angeles a $16.6 million grant to address the dental care needs of the children of Los Angeles. The grant was awarded from the California Department of Health Care Services to promote dental health among underserved populations in Los Angeles. The grant aims to increase access to oral health care, identify and treat dental disease, and incentivize continuity of care for children enrolled in Denti-Cal.

“Faculty from multiple disciplines will use their expertise to address conditions that undermine oral health status, using an approach that is attentive to culture, responsive to social context and focuses on family and community strengths”, says Munger.

The Local Dental Pilot Project at Cal State LA will focus on identifying contextual barriers to children’s oral health and ways to integrate that knowledge into the design and delivery of program interventions. Dr. Munger will help lead a team of professionals to create educational materials to raise awareness of the importance of preventive and regular maintenance of oral health care in children, youth and young adults.

Dr. Munger is an Assistant Professor at California State University- Los Angeles in the Department of Child and Family Studies. She is a 2015 graduate of the Family Science doctoral program. Her Dissertation Chair was Dr. Sandra Hofferth. Committee members included Drs. Natasha Cabrera, Rada Dagher, Stephanie Grutzmacher and Sally Koblinsky. Prior to her doctoral work, Ash earned her B.A. in Psychology from Grove City College and her Master’s in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Maryland, Department of Family Science.