February 1, 2017

Below are the complete citations for papers recently published by Behavioral and Community Health faculty and graduate students.  

Beck, K. & Watters, S. (2016).  How do significant others influence our driving? A descriptive study of ego-alter dyads in a college population.  Traffic Injury Prevention, DOI:  10.1080/15389588.2016.1207761

Bhagat, K., Howard, D.E., & Aldoory, L.  (2016)  The relationship between health literacy and health conceptualizations: An exploratory study of elementary school-aged children. Health Communication, DOI: 10.1080/10410236.2016.1250188

Boekeloo, B.O., Todaro Brooks, A., Wang, M.Q. (2017) Exposures associated with minority high schoolers’ predisposition for health science.  American Journal of Health Behavior, 41(2), 104-113, DOI:  10.5993/AJHB.41.2.1  

Green, K.M., Musci, R.J., Matson, P.A., Johnson, R.M., Reboussin, B.A., & Ialongo, N.S. (2017). Developmental patterns of adolescent marijuana and alcohol use and their joint association with sexual risk behavior and outcomes in young adulthood.  Journal of Urban Health. Online first.    

Lu, S., Holt, C., Chen, J., Le, D., Chen, J., Gil-yong, K, Li, J. & Lee, S. (2016) Is colorectal cancer a western disease? Role of knowledge and influence of misconception on colorectal cancer screening among Chinese and Korean Americans: A mixed methods study. CRC Knowledge, Misconception and CRC Screening

Platter, H.  (2017) Re: “Cigarette smoking and breast cancer risk in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White women:  The breast cancer health disparities study” by Connor et. al.  Journal of Women’s Health 26(1), DOI:  10.1089/jwh.2016.6203. 

Todaro Brooks, A.  Krumlauf, M., Fryer, C.S., Beck, K.H., Yang, L., Ramchandani, V.A., & Wallen, G.R. (2016).  Critical transitions: A mixed methods examination of sleep from inpatient alcohol rehabilitation treatment to the community.  PLoS One 11(8):e0161725, DOI:  10.1371/jornal.pone.0161725                   


Related People
Kenneth H. Beck, Donna E. Howard, Kerry Green, Cheryl L. Holt, Cen (Julia) Chen, Heather Platter, Alyssa Brooks, Craig S. Fryer, Bradley O. Boekeloo, Min Qi Wang