October 27, 2017

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, School of Public Health faculty, staff and alumni in the area will share their Thanksgiving table with SPH students who are looking to experience this 'harvest meal' with a host or who are unable to go home for Thanksgiving. Many of our peer institutions organize their communities in hosting students to share their Thanksgiving table. We think this is a fortuitous time to remind students that our community is thankful they are choosing to pursue their education with us. 

Potential hosts: if you celebrate Thanksgiving and are interested in serving as a host, will you discuss this opportunity with the family and friends with whom you spend the holiday? We look forward to your decision in joining other SPH faculty and staff in sharing your table with international students, out-of-state students, or students who are unable to join their families for this holiday celebration.

Faculty, alumni and and staff who are interested in hosting students for the Thanksgiving holiday are invited to learn more and to consider welcoming our students into their homes for this special occasion. Please register by Nov. 3.

Please direct any questions to Izidora Skracic (Izzie) (izidora@terpmail.umd.edu), a doctoral student in the Department of Family Science.

Host Registration

Host FAQs

Potential student guests: Are you an international student, an American student who is away from home for Thanksgiving, or any student who is looking to experience the tradition of a 'harvest meal' with a host?  SPH is organizing faculty, staff, and alumni who have volunteered to share their holiday with undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in our school for a Thanksgiving meal. 

Please sign up only if you are certain you are available for Thanksgiving dinner. 

This is an opportunity to make new connections, share a home-cooked meal with students away from home, and introduce SPH's international community to the American holiday of Thanksgiving.

After signing up, Izzie will be providing updates and reminders.

Student Guest Registration

Student Guest FAQs

Please direct any questions to Izidora Skracic (Izzie) (izidora@terpmail.umd.edu), doctoral student in the Department of Family Science.