February 7, 2019

Fourth year Maternal and Child Health doctoral candidate Anthony Kondracki was the December 2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Public Health Law News Quiz winner. The CDC posts a monthly public health law question for readers to answer. December’s question was, “Which state recently launched an initiative that treats incidents of violence as a public health issue?” Anthony correctly answered the response “Wisconsin” to the question solidifying him as the December 2018 quiz winner! Anthony, along with other previous winners, are featured in a mini public health law profile in the monthly edition of the newsletter.

Anthony’s interest in public health law stems from his desire to “link both scientific research and translate knowledge with legal components as the best evidence-based approach to policies and programs aiming at health promotion, eradicating barriers and improving healthcare accessibility, eliminating health disparities, and addressing burden of disease from a population perspective.” Anthony stated his interest is in “methodology and epidemiology to identify gaps in existing evidence using knowledge of legal mechanisms which can inform, encourage, and compel health-related behaviors.”

Anthony’s continued interest in public health law can be seen in his current doctoral research. “Last May, shortly before I visited China, the country launched several campaigns to fight outdoor and indoor air pollution focusing on adverse health effects of secondhand cigarette smoke, in support for existing smoke-free laws and to encourage smokers to quit,” Anthony detailed.

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