July 26, 2017

Applied Environmental Health Associate Professor Sacoby Wilson was interviewed on a recent CNN Money segment about Brandywine, Maryland and the dangers that industrial emissions can have on the health of the town's children.  

Brandywine is 72 percent African-American according to the U.S. census and home to several power plants, a Superfund site, mining operations and a coal ash landfill. Brandywine residents filed a civil rights complaint in federal court last year against state agencies that approved a yet-to-be-built power plant, alleging that it disproportionately subjects black residents to air pollution and other negative impacts, the CNN segment said. 

"Those are small particles that get  in your lungs and basically your circulatory system. It can cross the blood-brain barrier, and these risks are really important when you think about children," he said. "When you're looking at pregnant women. When you look at someone that's elderly, or you look at someone who may some underlying health condition. These communities are vulnerable." 


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