October 9, 2017

Family Science Professor Ali Hurtado received a grant through the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) to adapt and pilot Padres Preparados, Jovenes Saludables (Prepared Parents, Healthy Youth), a family-based intervention to increase fathers’ parenting practices that encourage healthy behaviors in youth. Positive parenting practices include communication skills to promote mutual respect and trust, establishing clear rules, developing a collaborative problem-solving approach, and healthy monitoring and supervision based on age. Because of the limitations of an in-person format for working parents, the proposal aims to use blended education, including in-person, online, and phone delivery, to help fathers support their adolescents’ energy balance-related behaviors, which include food and beverage consumption and physical activity. This project will be implemented in Baltimore City this fall and will run until the spring of 2019.

The program is funded by the University of Maryland Extension and the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES). MAES is the research arm of the AGNR department and funds research that supports safe and sustainable food production.

Dr. Hurtado had this to say about the grant: “Participating Latino immigrant families will ultimately strengthen parent-youth connection by applying positive parenting practices around food consumption and physical activity. The educational program will be co-created with family members, Latino-serving organizations, community Extension educators, and researchers.”

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