Dr. Young
December 19, 2018

Family Science PhD graduate Dr. Jennifer Young has begun a new appointment as Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University’s Center for Biomedical Ethics where she will continue her research on hereditary cancer syndromes and their psychosocial implications for families. Dr. Young will be working with the members of the clinical ethics group to develop research programs dedicated to the inclusion of racially diverse participants in genetics and genomics research. The Family Science department is excited to see Dr. Young continue her research and work with families with hereditary cancer syndromes.

Dr. Young obtained her PhD in Spring 2018 in Family Science. Dr. Norman Epstein chaired her committee. Dr. Young recently completed a four-year fellowship at the NIH in the National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Genetics Branch where she worked as a psychosocial qualitative research specialist and mental health clinician. At the NCI, her dissertation research outlined the unique social and psychological needs of families with a Li Fraumeni Syndrome, a rare cancer predisposition syndrome. Her research currently focuses on advocacy for culturally competent mental health resources for families undergoing genetic testing for inherited health conditions.

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