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February 7, 2019

Family Science professor Dr. Norman Epstein presented a keynote address at the 2018 Psychology of Relationships Interest Group (PORIG) Annual National Conference hosted in Melbourne, Australia. The theme of the conference was “Bringing Together Leaders in the Field of Relationship Science”. Topics related to the study of relationships including romantic relationships (spanning all sexual orientations), parent-child relationships (spanning all eras of the lifespan), peer relationships, client-therapist relationships, relationships in the workplace, and inter-group relationships.

Dr. Epstein’s keynote presentation addressed couples cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which he was the co-developer of. CBT is a well-known method of creating change in thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. In addition to presenting the keynote address, Dr. Epstein presented a 3 ½ hour workshop on CBT for couples in the Department of Psychology at Deakin University. After the workshop, Dr. Epstein met with faculty and doctoral students for 2 hours to talk about their current research projects and provide some consultation to them. Dr. Epstein described attending the conference as “a wonderful experience”.

The PORIG National Conference brings together relationship scholars and practitioners across Australia to hear about the latest research in relationship science and engage in lively discussions about practice and policy. Researchers, practitioners and policy makers from all fields that have an interest in relationships are invited to attend and present at this conference.

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