June 27, 2017

Dr. Kevin Roy, associate professor and graduate director in the Department of Family Science, has been selected to serve on the editorial team to develop a new Sourcebook of Family Theory and Research. This publication is one of the foundational resources on theory and methods within the discipline of family science, providing multiple perspectives about a variety of family-related topics for researchers and students alike. Previous editions of the Sourcebook were published in 1979, 1993, and 2005.

The five-member editorial team will take stock of emerging theory and methods and will work with authors to summarize and advance the state of science in the field. This multi-year project typically runs more than 700 pages with more than 100 authors contributing to more than 60 chapters. These chapters include applications of innovative and cutting edge methods; case studies and content-specific theory applications; and extensions of broad and middle-range theories into exciting new future directions.

Dr. Roy joins other editorial members, who include Dr. Kari Adamsons, associate professor at the University of Connecticut; Dr. April Few-Demo, associate professor at Virginia Tech University; Dr. Christine Proulx, associate professor at the University of Missouri; and Dr. Constance Shehan, professor at University of Florida. The sourcebook is sponsored by the National Council on Family Relations, a nonprofit professional association that promotes family research, practice, and education.

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