Flu shot being administered to young girl
December 12, 2017

A recent article in the Frederick News-Post titled “Debunking flu shot myths while skeptic and black” by Imade Borha takes on common myths about the flu shot with the help of Family Science Professor Sandra Quinn. The article is based on Dr. Quinn’s article on the same subject in the November issue of Social and Science Medicine, and seeks to better understand fears about serious side effects of the flu vaccine in black communities. Many beliefs that stop African Americans from getting flu vaccines are rooted in historical trauma and discrimination. Dr. Quinn and her colleagues believe that any change must come from an understanding of this rationale and the need to build trust.

Dr. Quinn is the Director of the Maternal and Child Health Ph.D. program and Senior Associate Director of the Maryland Center for Health Equity. For years she has researched vaccine acceptance in routine and emergency situations, and specifically racial disparities in vaccine uptake.

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