September 28, 2017

Family Science Professor Dr. Mia Smith-Bynum is the incoming Chair of the Society for Research in Child Development’s (SRCD) Black Caucus. The SRCD is a nonprofit professional association with approximately 5,500 members, and was founded in 1933 with the goal of supporting research and collaboration on child development. The organization seeks to use science to improve the well-being of children, families and communities. The SRCD Black Caucus was founded in 1973 to increase the representation of research on African American children within the SRCD.

“Under my tenure,” says Dr. Smith-Bynum, “I would like to see the Black Caucus become more directly involved in sharing the best research on African American children with policy makers. Parents raising African American children have lots of fresh concerns about how to manage the array of current events that reflect our country's continued struggle with racism and discrimination. I believe we can enhance our role in this regard. Under my leadership, the Black Caucus will continue its partnerships with the leadership in SRCD to help diversify the pipeline of professionals entering our field, as well.”

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