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January 11, 2018

Family Science Associate Professor Emerita Suzanne Randolph, recently co-authored a paper in the journal Women’s Health Issues titled "Community Coalitions’ Gender-Aware Policy and Systems Changes to Improve the Health of Women and Girls." The article reviews the policies of ten grantees by the Coalition for a Healthier Community initiative, funded by the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (OWH), all of which are implementing gender-based public health systems approaches to improve women’s and girls’ health. Authored by associates from the MayaTech Corporation’s Center for Community Prevention and Treatment Research, the article found that fifty-one percent of the policies were identified as gender aware, in that they were intended to reduce barriers/increase facilitators of gender equity. They concluded that such community coalitions can be valuable avenues for policy change.

The MayaTech Corporation is a social science research firm that provides public health research and evaluation, policy and legislative analysis, and program and technical support. Dr. Randolph is their chief science officer and director of continuing education.

Suzanne had this to say about the paper: “The OWH’s funding of community-based participatory research resulted in practical examples of policy and systems changes that can be developed, implemented, or shaped by university and community nonprofits’ partnerships with state and local organizations to improve women and girls’ health. Such changes often have more sustaining potential than individual-level changes in behavior, attitudes, and knowledge to improve health and increase equity.”

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