August 22, 2017

Third-year Maternal and Child Health doctoral student Laura Drew has been selected to be a student representative on the University of Maryland Research Council for the coming school year. This is the first time a Family Science student has been on the Council, which reviews and updates university policies on research to meet the needs of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and the broader community.

Laura had this to say about the Council: “I am very excited to serve on the University Senate's Research Council this year. As a graduate student at the University of Maryland, I highly value the research we conduct. I look forward to working with other members on the University Senate's Research Council and sharing my perspectives as a graduate student and researcher.”

The council includes both faculty and students. Joining Laura from the School of Public Health is Robin Puett, Associate Professor with the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

"We are thrilled to have Laura serve on the University Senate's University Research Council this coming year,” says Elaine Anderson, Professor and Chair of the Family Science Department. “This council plays an important advisory role to the Vice President for Research addressing issues of research policy, funding, and the research process here at Maryland. Laura will do an excellent job reflecting the graduate student research perspective."

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