June 5, 2017

Family Science PhD student Jessica Gleason was recently published in the current issue of Military Medicine. “Examining Associations Between Relocation, Continuity of Care, and Patient Satisfaction in Military Spouses” (Gleason, J. & Beck, K.H, 2017) explores the association between permanent change of station (PCS) moves, continuity of care, and patient satisfaction in military families.

Ms. Gleason’s research used online questionnaires from military spouses, and found that PCS moves were associated with lower continuity of care scores, which were in turn associated with lower levels of patient satisfaction. “Military spouses make up over 50 percent of those served by the Military Health System (TRICARE), but their experiences within this system have been absent from academic literature,” she says. “The purpose of this study is to begin to fill a gap in understanding how the military lifestyle affects interactions with the healthcare system and subsequent health of military spouses.”

Ms. Gleason is a second-year doctoral student in Maternal and Child Health. Originally from the west coast, her earned her B.S. in Microbiology from UC Santa Barbara and went on to serve in the Air Force. After separating from the Air Force, Ms. Gleason entered the UMD Master of Public Health program in Behavioral and Community Health, where she began her research on the impact of PCS moves on military family health. She is also interested in research on disparities in pregnancy outcomes in minority populations.

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