May 23, 2017

Family Science PhD recipient Dr. Andrew Williams has accepted a post-doctoral appointment with the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to continue his research on fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Dr. Williams will be working in the perinatal group of NICHD’s Epidemiology branch with Dr. Pauline Mendola as his primary mentor. Dr. Williams’ research will expand on his dissertation, in which he examined the association of area-level poverty with cardiometabolic risk among adolescents. 

At NICHD, Dr. Williams will explore multi-level modeling of ambient environmental factors as well as social determinants of health, such as persistent poverty. He will use the Air Quality and Reproductive Health study data to investigate multi-level spatial factors that can influence fertility and pregnancy outcomes. This work will take advantage of the linked health data from the Consortium on Safe Labor (CSL) and the Consecutive Pregnancy studies. Dr. Williams is also interested in exploring couple-dependent susceptibilities to various social and ambient environmental factors to consider the combination of both maternal and paternal exposures in relation to fertility risks in the Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and the Environment (LIFE). Dr. Williams will also assist Dr. Mendola in the conduct of the B-WELL-Mom study of asthma during pregnancy, including logistics and study communications. He will participate in her ongoing work to explore the impact of maternal asthma and autoimmune disease on pregnancy outcomes in the CSL and Consecutive Pregnancy studies.

The FMSC department congratulates Andrew on his appointment and his continued research contributions to maternal and child health!