First year Global Public Health Scholars students
January 25, 2018

At the end of the Fall 2017 semester, the first year Global Public Health Scholars students participated in a Final Showcase, organized by Kaley Beins (MIAEH Graduate Student), who teaches the first-year GPH Scholars course, CPGH 100. There they presented public health research to their classmates, the GPH staff, and visitors from the College Park Scholars central staff. Students were encouraged to choose a public health topic that interested them and work in groups to figure out a creative way to present this information to a general audience. They designed ambitious projects ranging from videos to board games to social media accounts, yet still clearly explained the science behind their topics. As the first year GPH Scholars move forward in the program, they will rely on the creativity and communication skills they demonstrated in the Final Showcase to create their own public health interventions. Learn more about the GPH Scholars Program. Here are two student-produced videos that were debuted at the Final Showcase:

Ariel Kioko, Isabel Knudson, and Cina Makres
Video on hand washing and the spread of germs


Rutha Adhanom, Rebecca Gutema, and Ilcia Hernandez
Video on educating girls worldwide

Here is our Flickr photo album from the event:


Global Public Health Scholars Fall 2017 presentations

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