Kyle and Jun

Jun Won adn Kyle Jaquess

May 30, 2018

The Department of Kinesiology came together to celebrate its wonderful Graduate Students. This annual event brings students, faculty, and staff together for food and cheer.  We celebrated all of our students and acknowledged those who have won awards.  The event concludes with the unannounced awards, which are as follows: 


James H. Humphrey Graduate Student Published Research Award

This award is named in honor of former Professor Emeritus James H. Humphrey who was a prolific scholar in our field, publishing over a hundred books. Awards are given for the best journal article published in a peer-reviewed publication  during the previous calendar year.

Kyle Jaquess, Advisor is Dr. Brad Hatfield

The Paper title is "Empirical evidence for the relationship between cognitive workload and attentional disorders" and is published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology.


F. Daniel Wagner Graduate Student Physical Activity Instruction Award

This award recognizes the enthusiasm of our best graduate student instructor in the physical activity program. This person represents the commitment to a positive learning environment and the passion for pairing knowledge with skill development to encourage life-long participation.

Terrel Everette, Advisor is Jen Roberts


Lynn Wagner-Owens Faculty Physical Activity Instruction Award

This award recognizes the expertise of our best faculty instructor in the activity program. This person represents exceptional skill as both an instructor and as a practitioner that enhances the student experience in class and beyond.

Tim Henkle


Kinesiology Teaching Assistant of the Year

Each year, the Department of Kinesiology honors its best teaching assistant who works as a discussion or laboratory TA. 

Jun Won, Advisor is Carson Smith