Student volunteers
May 3, 2018

Thanks to our dedicated students the Department of Kinesiology added much fun to the campus Maryland Day festivities. 

Dr. Scott's students prepared and executed Physical Activity Interventions and many community members were engaged and impressed.

Student leader Alexa Beovich planned a plentitude of successful activities, such as a hula-hoop contest, knockout, football toss, freeze dance, a vertical jump test, and an accuracy toss game. There was also a raffle for Numi Yoga and a Terps Football Jersey.  Thanks to all the students who made the day a success: Jenny Eckert, Kayla Beovich, Cairan George, Valerie Jones, Samantha Griffin, Melissa Hewitt, Sloan Dolan, Matt Norfolk, Lainie Jaffe, Thomas Acocella, Sara Farahani, Maddie Mazenko, Jack Romero, Will Parr, and Kathryn Benson.