A festive ward at Camp Hospital №33, in Brest, Finistere, France, December 1918. Courtesy of the Army Medical Department Center of History and Heritage.

April 19, 2017

"American Nurses in World War I," an article by Family Science Assistant Professor Marian Moser-Jones, has been published on the PBS American Experience website. PBS asked her to do the article as they produced their series, "The Great War," which they have recently debuted. She worked with them on content about the World War I U.S. nurses, and included with the article is an excerpt from a nurse's diary that Dr. Moser-Jones tracked down as part of her research.


"I was first contacted by PBS American Experience to provide information and expertise on the nurses' experience for their sweeping documentary on World War I," Dr. Moser-Jones said. "I had just begun gathering and analyzing American nurses' diaries, letters and other writings to learn how they experienced the war and how it affected their professional and family lives. I shared with them what I knew, and was happy more recently to have the opportunity to write about a couple of nurses whom I have since come to know well through their writings. These pathbreaking women continue to surprise and inspire me: they risked their health and safety to lessen the horrific human impact of the war, and proved that women could work effectively under fire."

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